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★ EK 428 SHR (SHDR)- Motocross -ATV - Mini Quads
Only $56.15
MX Motocross Racing Chain - Gold (or pink)

★ EK 530 DR2 Chrome Motorcycle Drag Race Chain
Only $135.12
Chrome Drag Racing Chain

★ Hot Metallic Pink EK 530 MVXZ ★
Only $176.89
On SALE for only $155.00
Premium 'X' ring Chain in Hot Metallic Pink

★ EK 630 HTS High Tensile Strength Economy Chrome Drag Race Chain
Only $104.17
Economy Chrome Drag Chain HTS (NEW)

★ EK 525 ZZZ Extreme Sportbike Motorcycle Chain
Only $223.24
On SALE for only $196.00
Ultra Strong - High Tensile strength in a 525

★ EK 520 ZZZ Motorcycle Chain - CLOSEOUT SPECIAL - SOLDOUT!
Only $236.96
On SALE for only $159.00
Ultra Strong - High Tensile strength in a 520

★ EK 530 ZVX-3 150 Link Gold - Special
Only $247.12
On SALE for only $199.26
ZVX Series: The Extreme Chain for Extreme Bikes

★ EK 530zvx2 Extreme Quadra X Ring Motorcycle Chain

Extreme 'X' ring chain - Available in colors!

includes one free master/rivet link

EK 530 ZVX2

The ZVX-2 chain is the extreme chain for extreme bikes! For the new generation rockets, an incredibly strong Quadra X-ring chain that has proven itself superior in controlled lab tests. . Hayabusa and ZX-12 are hard on chains and EK steps up with the ZVX series. Great for any modified bike with extra horsepower. Gold, Chrome, Red, Blue, Yellow, and Metal Flake Pink - Also in Black with gold or chrome inner links - cool! - AND new metallic 'candy' colors, limited availability, met green, met red, met blue, met orange.

ZVX2 features: 10,500 lb tensile strength, Max 1400 cc, Rated to 180 horsepower.

ZVX2 specific: wear life=1500; basis=100

ZVX3 features: 11,100 lb tensile strength, Max 1400 cc, Rated to about 185 horsepower.

ZVX3 specific: wear life=2000; basis=100

Available in Hot Metallic Pink too!

Most colors available in custom lengths longer than 120/130 links - call or email us for info.

Black chain has Gold or Chrome inner links - we have both!

NEW: EK's new Bright Metallic 'candy' color chains, red, blue and orange so far. GREEN Too! - got one purple, got some blue

- met orange sold out, green too, be back... soon!

ZVX2 is being replaced with the newest ZVX3 with better, stronger specs. Some items may ship with the newest version.

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