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★ EK 428 SHR (SHDR)- Motocross -ATV - Mini Quads
Only $56.15
MX Motocross Racing Chain - Gold (or pink)

★ EK 530 DR2 Chrome Motorcycle Drag Race Chain
Only $135.12
Chrome Drag Racing Chain

★ Hot Metallic Pink EK 530 MVXZ ★
Only $176.89
On SALE for only $155.00
Premium 'X' ring Chain in Hot Metallic Pink

★ EK 630 HTS High Tensile Strength Economy Chrome Drag Race Chain
Only $104.17
Economy Chrome Drag Chain HTS (NEW)

★ EK 525 ZZZ Extreme Sportbike Motorcycle Chain
Only $223.24
On SALE for only $196.00
Ultra Strong - High Tensile strength in a 525

★ EK 520 ZZZ Motorcycle Chain - CLOSEOUT SPECIAL - SOLDOUT!
Only $236.96
On SALE for only $159.00
Ultra Strong - High Tensile strength in a 520

★ EK 530 ZVX-3 150 Link Gold - Special
Only $247.12
On SALE for only $199.26
ZVX Series: The Extreme Chain for Extreme Bikes

Useful chain size information, application information

EK Chain Catalog - pdf

Regina - Chain Fitment Chart

JT Sprockets
Great database with chain size, length and sprocket information and gear ratio charts, for your bike. We also carry JT sprockets.

Motorcycle Chain Size Chart
Chain Size Pitch Inner Width - roller
415 1/2 3/16
420 1/2 1/4
428 1/2 5/16
520 5/8 1/4
525 5/8 5/16
530 5/8 3/8
630 3/4 3/8
219 .306 .183
#40 1/2 5/16
#35 3/8 3/16
#25 1/4 1/8
8mm 8mm
10mm 10mm

Chain 'pitch' is the distance from pin to pin, and width is "inner width", the roller width, that's what matters to fit into the appropriate sprocket. The total chain width is a variable depending on the thickness of the sideplates and if the chain has O-rings or X-rings. An x-ring 530 chain is close to an inch wide although the spec is 3 eigths of an inch for inner width.

Most commonly, and there are always exceptions, kids dirt bikes are generally a 420 or 428 chain, your 65's and 85's. Larger dirt bikes, dual sports and ATV's are generally a 520 chain. Street bikes more commonly are a 530, smaller displacements may use 525.

For more detailed chain size information check out - wikipedia

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Please let your customers know that 70's model Honda CB550s Fours (and probably other Fours) are NOT compatible with O-ring chains! There is very little clearance on the original chains, and if an O-ring chain is used, it WILL wear a groove in the engine case and main shaft oil seal, causing massive oil leaks!

Older Triumph motorcycles have the same issue

From the UK:
I wanted to remove an engine from a motorbike, the drive chain did not have a connecting link and a friend who said he had been through the process told me the best way to get the engine out was to remove the rear wheel chain guard and swing arm, when done the chain run still went through the frame, I called my friend told him my plight and he said he had the same problem, so he bought a chain breaker and would I like to borrow it. I had mixed feelings anger 'why the f**k did you tell me you had a breaker, you %$^^^^^&)(*%$"~@{?>< monkey to submission, Yes mate I would like to borrow the tool thank you, he did lend it to me!

About 3 weeks later, after I done all the work on the bike installed the engine, swing arm, chain and chain guard, I was telling the story and after he stopped laughing he said as I wasn't replacing the chain all I had to do was remove the driver sprocket cover and lift the chain off the driver sprocket and leave the chain in situ. - Who's the monkey now

I am told a screw link rubs on the frame on a 2002 Ducati 748.


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